Nov. 4: Ryk St. Vincent


Ryk. St. Vincent joined Kerry to talk about building a business around your creative pursuits.

Bossa Nova – Brazilian Restaurant with Live Entertainment
Friends of Dreamland – Historic Dreamland Ballroom
Build your business to survive – Survive to Thrive: Five Steps to Building Your Dream Business
Artists as Entrepreneurs – Can Artists Be Entrepreneurs?
Entrepreneurs – Unusual backgrounds and without Degrees
The Only Difference Between Dreamers and Entrepreneurs –
How to become a woodworker – The Art Career Project
13 Signs You are Meant to Be Self Employed –
Basic Elements of Employment Contracts –
St. Vincent Koncepts Cabinetry – Ryk’s Carpentry Work
Charity Work as part of being an entrepreneur and business –
Alphonso Trent – Ryk’s latest Documentary
Antiquities  – Film in production (Ashley Greene, Mary Steenburgen, Andrew West, Ryk St. Vincent and more)

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