Jan. 27: Rich Cosgrove of Whole Hog Cafe North Little Rock

At an early age Rich Cosgrove became fascinated with the ancient technology of the preservation of meat through smoking, curing and drying. This led to the formation of a World-Championship Barbecue team with his brothers over 30 years ago.

With a background in Engineering and Sales, Cosgrove and his wife, Nancy, opened the Whole Hog Café in North Little Rock in July of 2007. Cosgrove still says: “It’s a hobby that got out of hand.” Seven years later, Whole Hog NLR has become the 13th overall Restaurant by Sales Volume in the trade area, the only non-national chain in the top 30, the most successful Whole Hog Café in the U.S. and the largest Barbecue Restaurant in the State – cooking an average of 3 ½ tons of meat per week.

“Here’s how Nancy and I divide business responsibilities: She is Vision; I’m merely Execution.” My motto is “Manic attention to detail,” Cosgrove explained. 

Cosgrove says the Whole Hog Cafe is the “Purveyor of the world’s best barbecue, and provider of a phenomenal dining experience.”