Jan. 20: Kim Swink and Chris Spencer of This Machine Inc.

Kerry’s guest this week are Kim Swink and Chris Spencer owners of This Machine Inc.

Originally from Arkansas, Kim Swink has lived in NYC for more than 20 years where she works in film and television production. As a freelance writer, producer and director her clients include HBO, Comedy Central, The Independent Film Channel and Sesame Workshop.

In 2013, Kim returned home to Arkansas to produce and direct her first feature film, Valley Inn, based on her screenplay and co-directed by her husband, Chris Spencer. While producing the film’s soundtrack of exclusively Arkansas music & artists (including Academy Award-winning actress, Mary Steenburgen and American Idol-winner, Kris Allen who co-wrote the original song, Love in a Small Town, for the movie), Kim met singer-songwriters Amy Garland Angel, Mandy Mcbryde and Bonnie Montgomery, who would later form The Wildflower Revue, whose debut album Kim and Chris produced in summer 2016 under their media company This Machine Inc.

Chris Spencer was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand.

After high school, he moved to the US and enrolled at NYU in New York City as an urban design major with a minor in photography and French. He just wanted to take art history classes but we all know there’s no future in that.

He fell sideways into television. It was either serendipity or a terrible mistake but his luck held when he ended up at HBO on the cusp of their meteoric rise in the television pantheon. He was the head of marketing creative for the last many years of his time there and executive produced campaigns for The Sopranos, The Wire, Deadwood, Band of Brothers and Game of Thrones, among many others.

Since leaving HBO, Spencer has co-directed a feature film, ‘Valley Inn’ with his wife Kim Swink, the film’s writer, producer and director. Also, he has worked as a creative director for several ad agencies, producing work for Ford Motors and other clients; as well as heading up National Geographic’s promotion & marketing campaign for the upcoming series, Genius, by executive producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.

Along with Swink, Spencer is now turning his attention toward music, recently producing the debut release from the Little Rock-based trio, The Wildflower Revue. He always wanted to be in the band. This will have to do.

The Wildflower Revue will be having their debut CD release party tomorrow night at the Dreamland Ballroom in downtown Little Rock. The party is sold out but for those attending the new CD will be available there or you can order online at CDBaby.com and on The Wildflowers Revue Facebook . Read a Q&A with the band.