Feb. 3: Georgia Mjartan of Our House

Tune in this week to hear Kerry’s guest Georgia Mjartan discuss socially responsive businesses. 
When Georgia Mjartan was asked to take over Our House, Little Rock’s primary homeless shelter, in 2005, she walked into a flood-damaged building that was even more under water financially. Now, Mjartan had breathed new life into the organization, which serves 1,000 people a year and operates an innovative, 20,000-square foot youth center that has served as a model for homeless shelters and programs in 39 other states.

Mjartan celebrated her eleven year anniversary as Executive Director of Our House on September 1, 2016. She was named “Nonprofit Executive of the Year” in 2011, and Our House was named “Nonprofit Organization of the Year” in 2015. Our House is increasingly recognized as a model program, contributing to national conversations around homelessness, garnering national news coverage, and attracting investments from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and many other out-of-state funders. Our House empowers homeless and near-homeless families and individuals to succeed in the workforce, in school, and in life through hard work, wise decision-making, and active participation in the community.

Active in our community, Mjartan serves on a variety of boards, is a foster and adoptive parent, and has become very involved in bettering our state’s foster care system.  She is married to Dominik Mjartan, CEO of Southern Bancorp Community Partners.  Together, they have three children all under the age of three.

She holds bachelor’s degrees in English and Political Science from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, a master’s degree in Public Affairs and Political Communications from the University of Ulster in the UK, and a post-graduate diploma from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Mjartan was one of twelve Americans awarded the George J. Mitchell Scholarship for graduate study on the island of Ireland, and, in recognition of her achievements in the field of affordable housing, she was awarded the Fannie Mae Fellowship to attend Harvard’s Senior Executives in State and Local Government program.