Let’s get up in your business!

“Up in your business w/ Kerry McCoy” will help you discover how to navigate a path to achieve the American dream.  She started Arkansas’  FlagandBanner.com over 40 years ago with just 400 dollars and now it exceeds 3 million in annual sales.

Each week she and a guest will answer your questions and offer real world advice on how to become your own boss.

Tune in to this passionate, informative, high energy and often wacky perspective on business in the 21st century.

Let Kerry McCoy get all up in your business!

If you’ve never heard Kerry’s American Dream story, it is an amazing path from unemployment to owning a multi-million dollar company. Kerry spent the first 9 years of her business working as a waitress and selling her flags door-to-door until she could be self-supporting. Her first hire was a book keeper and the company has grown over the years to include custom flags and banners, a retail store, sales department, marketing department, print and sewing departments, purchasing and shipping and other enterprises that have branched out of Kerry’s vision to several enterprises such as this radio show, Brave Magazine and she is heavily involved in the Dreamland Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the FlagandBanner.com historic building. Click here to read Kerry’s full story. 

Kerry’s weekly intro from the show:
Thank you Tim and thank you listeners for tuning in. You’re listening to KABF in Little Rock, Arkansas. I’m Kerry McCoy and it is time for me to get ALL UP IN YOUR BUSINESS! For the next hour, my guest and I will be discussing how we… maneuvered the path of entrepreneurship in pursuit of our dreams. The hope is that if you own, or want to own a small business, you will gain some insights today of the risks and the rewards. We’ll, also, be answering questions and giving advice, via phone and email. Now you may be asking yourself, what qualifies this lady to do this? The answer is easy….Experience.
I started my company, Arkansas Flag and Banner, over 40 years ago with a meager $400. During the last 4 decades. Arkansas Flag and Banner has grown from door-to-door sales, to telemarketing, to mail order and catalog sales, and now relies heavily on the internet.
Each change in sales strategy required a change in company thinking and procedures. My wisdom, confidence and company grew. My initial $400 dollar investment…. now produces nearly 4 million in annual sales.
In this next hour, here is what not to expect: Don’t expect text book answers or pie in the sky theories. What you will hear is a candid conversation about real world experiences on topics I hope you’ll find interesting. So be prepared for the truth. It’s not always easy to hear.
For example, in business, there are very few overnight successes. I worked part time jobs for nine years before AFB grew enough to support just me. It’s now grown and expanded, so much, that just to operate efficiently we require (are you ready for this) a purchasing department, shipping department, technology department, marketing department, sales department, production department, customer service department and a retail store. 25 people make their living from working at Arkansas Flag and Banner. But that didn’t happen overnight. Starting and owning a business takes persistence, perseverance, and patience.
My experience is deep and wide and my advice is FREE. I hope you’ll take advantage of this unique opportunity by calling or emailing me on today’s show.
Before we start, I want to introduce the people at the table. We have Tim Bowen our technician who will be taking your calls and pushing the buttons.