Tune in to hear guests Barry Corkern, Ryan Herget and Matt McLeod!

Due to a scheduling conflict, this week on Up In Your Business we will be airing a compilation of previous broadcasts- featuring Barry Corkern, Chef Shuttle’s Ryan Herget and Matt McLeod.

Barry Corkern, founder of Barry M. Corkern & Co. advises and assists clients in making financial decisions, by providing them with information, that will aide in the strategic thinking of their life-long and multi-generational goals. Corkern also advises in fiduciary audits and when needed gives expert testimonies under oath. For more information about Barry and Barry M.Corkern & Co- http://www.bcorkern.com.

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Ryan Herget, following in his father’s footsteps as an Arkansas business leader, started his path as an entrepreneur as a teenager. Today we know Ryan Herget as the founder of Chef Shuttle. Its mission…. to deliver a variety of products in a timely fashion. This Restaurant delivery service has expanded to more than 42 cities across Arkansas and Tennessee. You can find more information about Chef Shuttle at https://chefshuttle.com.

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Matt McLeod is the owner of Matt McLeod Fine Arts Gallery. He is a painter, sculptor and muralist- s
pecializing in fine art for residential, commercial and public art projects. McLeod spent a fifteen-year career in advertising, before becoming a full-time artist. Matt spent the last eleven years in fine art, developing paintings into his bold, vibrant style – what he calls Energetic Color. Learn more about Matt McLeod Fine Arts Gallery at http://www.mattmcleod.com.

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